Solar Energy in the Midwest

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Chinese Zombie Solar Companies Emerging After Years of Subsidies

Interesting read about the evolution of solar and the influence of China in the global picture. Puts new light on Solyndra. Read Here.





Join us this weekend at Mission Zero Fest, Ann Arbor

Join us for: 

 Daren Griffith, Senior Project Manager for Mechanical Energy Systems, will be speaking in the Educational tent 4-5pm Saturday with Wayne Appleyard and John Wakeman about “Harnessing the free energy“.  Join him and bring your questions with you.

Mechanical Energy Systems designed and installed the solar systems on the home tours of Matt Grocoff’s home 217 S Seventh  St. and Scott Philips home at 723 Spring St.

For more information call us @ (734) 453-6746 or email


New Organization: Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council

Energy Innovation Business Council, a trade organization of Michigan businesses engaged in clean energy manufacturing and other areas of the new energy economy, has just been launched. The EIBC aims to diversify and accelerate the growth of Michigan’s energy sector and create partnerships to expand business opportunities, secure access to capital, engage the public and policymakers, advocate and build consensus for policy, and advance energy innovation with the goal of generating jobs and economic development.

Solar space heating in the snowy north.

This is the system (except bigger panels 4′ x 8′) we use when retrofitting a building for solar hot air.

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