Solar Energy in the Midwest


Our Mission

Mechanical Energy Systems Inc. (MES),The Solar Specialist, is on a mission to bring affordable, practical, clean renewable energy to homeowners, business owners and the general public.

Our History

Joe Napolitano was the vice president of a Fortune 500 solar company in Michigan in the late 1970’s and Donna was in sales and also developed the financing department. In the early 1980’s most renewable energy companies closed their doors after rebates and subsidies ended plus energy became very cheap. Solar could not compete.

Donna and Joe decided to continue servicing existing systems that were suddenly orphaned and bought the client lists of their previous and other companies. In 1985, they incorporated and bought a building in Canton, MI as a working demonstration center and warehouse. Solar thermal products were a reliable and practical application in Michigan so their focus was on solar water heating, pool heating and space heating as well as natural daylighting, Solatubes and solar attic fans.

Today MES hires over 15 employees and subcontractors and are the oldest solar company in Michigan.

Solar electric systems have come a long way since the 1970’s and the new panels are high-efficiency with solid performance warranties, but the best invention for solar electricity is the micro-inverter. Through the micro-inverter we can now monitor each panel and each cell in every panel in real and historic time. The metrics provided by the micro-inverters provide solid data to support the efficiency and practicality of solar even in a harsh climate like Michigan. These metrics demonstrate that because Michigan is a cooler climate the panels actually operate more efficiently here than they do in more southern climate during the summer periods. In the past solar was more of a faith based industry depending on true believers, today hard metrics support that faith and make it impossible for the skeptics to deny that solar is an affordable, reliable and practical energy solution for today’s world.

Donnas_Weekly_Special_Pic   Donna Napolitano

Donna Napolitano, CEO and co-founder of Mechanical Energy Systems, Inc. (MES) has always been a primary mover and promoter of alternative energy systems in the state of Michigan.

Respected in her field, Donna is a highly sought speaker at renewable energy events and has appeared at conferences throughout the United States. Donna has also appeared on multiple television programs and can often be heard over the airwaves promoting the virtues of solar energy particular to the Midwest. Donna and her husband Joe have installed and serviced thousands of systems in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.

Joe  Joseph Napolitano

Joe is the President Chief Operations Officer and co-founder, of Mechanical Energy Systems, Inc. (MES) founded in 1985. The technical expert behind alternative energy and energy-efficient products since 1979, Joe analyses the performance and quality of all components, designs the system, oversees the project, and monitors the installation. Joe has implemented the installation of over 7,000 units primarily in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.

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To watch videos of homeowners talking about their solar systems. Go here


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