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Donna on Radio show last weekend – hear it here!

Listen to Donna as she sets straight the myths about solar in Michigan on The Inside Outside Guys Radio show last Saturday. Her segment starts around 30:08, in the third podcast.

The Inside Outside Guys Saturday April 21th, 2012 Part 3


Snow covered solar panels

Snow covered solar panels.

A solar PV system owner in snowy Michigan describes how they perform after a snow storm. Thanks for sharing!

Application fees set for Ann Arbor’s new PACE program

Application fees set for Ann Arbor’s new PACE program.

By Ryan J. Stanton
Political Reporter

The Ann Arbor City Council on Monday supported the final step to fully implement the city’s new Property Assessed Clean Energy program.

A resolution approved by council sets the application fees for the PACE program, which is a special financing mechanism to help commercial property owners in Ann Arbor undertake energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

Through the PACE program, qualifying property owners are able to borrow money for energy efficiency projects ranging from $10,000 to $350,000 and then pay back the loans through special assessments added onto their tax bills for up to 10 years.


Andrew Brix

The program is a joint effort of the city of Ann Arbor and Clean Energy Coalition. City officials believe the availability of PACE financing will support economic stimulation across the city, create jobs and reduce operating costs for business owners.For full article go to: Link

Solar hot air video in snowy Michigan

A video demonstrating solar hot air system on an overcast snowy day here in Michigan. When the sun shines the system rocks, but even without direct shadow the house stays warm on this day.

We are installing ten of these systems in Oakland / Livingston county. Newer systems to add to our hundreds already in place for decades.

Earth Day Open House April 30th 10am-3pm

See, Feel, & Touch Solar

Working solar systems are Solar Hot Water, 2 types of Solar Space heating systems, Solar Electrical (PV), solar attic fans, Solatubes and natural daylighting. We also offer solar pool heating systems. Experience matters! We have 26 years’ experience in the solar energy business with over 7,000 happy customers. Talk to us in person about financing options and find out how solar can work for you.

Have an old furnace? Not ready for solar yet? Save energy with high efficiency furnaces and air conditioners. Enter our draw to win a new high efficiency furnace. Bring your electrical and gas bills with you for a better idea of a best fit system for you.

Directions to MES

Net Zero 110 Year Old Home In Ann Arbor, MI get 8 kWh Solar System

Historic home in Ann Arbor aims for net zero energy.

Matt and Kelly Grocoff  of Ann Arbor had Mechanical Energy systems Inc.  install an 8 kW high efficiency solar electric (PV) system in the pursuit of making his historic home the first net zero energy 110 year old home in Michigan.  After installing a geothermal furnace, super insulating and sealing the home to modern levels, he may have reached his zero goal. Despite having single pane glass windows with pane repairs and the addition of storm windows Matt was able to reduce his air exchange by over 60%. The complete installation of the solar panels was documented by Matt at GreenovationTV and Ann

Matt had this to say about MES,  “Daren and the MES crew were amazing. This is how you want your contractors to be. We made our house the oldest net zero house in America and the first in Michigan. We did not make our choice of solar lightly. We wanted the best and we found it. I`m a little worried about all the schlocky solar contractors popping up out there and using lousy equipment and poor design. MES has been around for 25 years and are completed committed to solar and have decades of experience and technical knowledge. Love these guys and I`m thrilled to have our system.”

A similar solar electric system the same size and panel type that MES installed in Garden City is almost a year old and has produced 9.3 MW at the time of this posting.  One megawatt is equal to one million watts, so  one megawatt can power 1000 homes for one hour. The Garden City home has produced enough in less than a year to power 1000 homes for 9 hours or 9000 homes for one hour.

So far MES installations have generated over 30 MW’s this year. We are looking forward to next years count that will include all the systems that are waiting for the utility to connect them.

For pictures on these installations go to our Facebook page or our website at http://www.mes1/com

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