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Ohio Renewable Energy Law Cuts Costs, Emissions


Five years after Ohio’s renewable energy standard took effect – and a few months before it will be challenged again in the state legislature – an economist with the state’s utility regulator tried to assess how the law was working out.

Tim Benedict’s verdict: “We’re seeing more of the good than of the bad.”

More specifically, his study concludes that the addition of renewable sources of power is modestly pushing down the wholesale cost of power in the state, while also reducing the amount of carbon dioxide produced.

According to Benedict’s calculations, the renewable generators now producing power have reduced the cost of wholesale power by about 0.15 percent. When his study looked at the projected power from all renewable projects that the state has approved, including those not yet operational, the figure is closer to 0.5 percent. Read more here.

Comment: We love what we are reading but just checked our Michigan bill and the renewable surcharge is still there. – Val


Across Ohio, Walgreens stores go solar | Energy

Across Ohio, Walgreens stores go solar | Energy.

Ohio is offering some very impressive solar/renewable programs in order to meet their renewable energy portfolio. This program is financed by the Ohio Air Quality Development Authority and involves the leasing of solar panels over a 10 year span. I am unclear how Walgreen’s only qualified for this and hope to see the scope expanded but am pleased Ohio is making this possible.

Michigan has approved leasing only recently but it is unclear if each municipality can install a leased system. We are still working out the details but if leasing is open to everyone there will be little reason not to install solar plus the fact that reaching renewable portfolio goals will be a cake walk. – Val

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