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Millions of Electric Miles | Tesla Motors

Millions of Electric Miles | Tesla Motors.

View this dashboard kept by Tesla. It records the number of Tesla Roadsters out there, number of miles driven to date and the number of countries they are driven in. So far they have reached 15,476,130 electric miles driven in 31 countries with only 1850+ Roadsters on the highways. – Valerie


‘Revenge of the Electric Car’ goes corporate

‘Revenge of the Electric Car’ goes corporate

Five years ago, the documentary Who Killed the Electric Car took the auto industry by storm. Now comes the sequel, Revenge of the Electric Car, and it is being embraced by the industry. The new film follows four companies’ executives and the development of their electric cars. They include General Motors’ Bob Lutz and the Chevrolet Volt; Nissan’s Carlos Ghosn and the electric Leaf; Tesla’s Elon Musk and the creation of the electric roadster; and a start-up firm headed by Greg Abbott in Culver City, Calif.

Who Killed and Revenge, the original and sequel, are polar opposites, yet done by the same true believer, director Chris Paine. The contrast:

The first movie had a fresh, brash, anti-corporate theme, with protesters being dragged away and automakers who clammed up about what came across as a conspiracy to bury a promising technology. The new movie opening today is actually a salute to the efforts by automakers to create electric cars. Several of them sponsored screenings leading up to today’s release.For full article click link above.

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