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Join us for Earth Day Open House

Join us Saturday April 14th 10am-2pm and tour our solar showroom.

In-house we have:

  • 5.3 kW 21 panel SunPower plus Enphase micro-inverters. Watch this system live and compare to other systems around the country.
  • Two styles of solar space heating.
  • Solar water heating
  • Natural daylight office with various sized Solatubes

We also have:

  • Solar attic fans
  • Solar pool heating systems

Sign up by April 7th to ride the bus tour of local homes we have installed systems on and talk to the homeowner. Seats are limited.

Bring your energy bills and we can help you find the best system for your needs. Open to all – FREE, parking available.



Impact of Solar Panels on Electric Bills – FANTASTIC … Thanks DTE – Solar Currents

Impact of Solar Panels on Electric Bills – FANTASTIC … Thanks DTE – Solar Currents.

This chart from the DTE Web Site shows my monthly electric bill for heating and cooling our house.  The right axis is Heating Degree Days which are a measure of how much (in degrees), and for how long (in days), the outside air temperature was below a certain level.  They are commonly used in calculations relating to the energy consumption required to heat buildings.  723 Spring Street has 4,200 square feet of conditioned space on four levels.  Since having put in the 8.6 kW solar panel system last fall, we have been near net-zero energy over the five month period.  The kWh surplus from the solar panels more than offsets the electrical consumption of the (to read full article click on title above).

Great to see the results of our systems by our customers. Thanks Scott for sharing! – Val

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