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Solar Power as Solution for Storm-Darkened Homes –

Solar Power as Solution for Storm-Darkened Homes –

Despite the popular perception that installing solar panels takes a home “off the grid,” most of those systems are actually part of it, sending excess power to the utility grid during the day and pulling electricity back to run the house at night. So when the storm took down power lines and substations across the Northeast, safety systems cut the power in solar homes just like everywhere else.

“Here’s a $70,000 system sitting idle,” said Ed Antonio, who lives in the Rockaways in Queens and has watched his 42 panels as well as those on several other houses in the area go unused since the power went out Oct. 29. “That’s a lot of power sitting. Just sitting.”

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Nissan Leaf All-Electric Taxi Cab Fleet Coming To Virginia | Earthtechling

Nissan Leaf All-Electric Taxi Cab Fleet Coming To Virginia

EV Taxicabs


What’s being heralded as one of the nation’s first all-electric fleets of taxi cabs could soon be hitting the streets in Arlington, Virginia. The fleet would consist of  Nissan Leaf electric cars and would include a supporting infrastructure capable of keeping this fleet going around the clock.

EV Taxicabs, according to the Washington Examiner, needs to first gain approval of th

e Arlington county board of supervisors before it can begin operation. It looks likely it will happen, given that the county manager there has already recommended the company be granted approval for 40 cabs out of a total of 65 new vehicles being added to the county’s existing 765 cabs. Go here for full article.

Yes, Virginia, There Will Be Community Solar | EarthTechling

Yes, Virginia, There Will Be Community Solar | EarthTechling.

by Lauren Craig, November 13th, 2011

Dominion Virginia Power wants to get into the community solar business. The company has asked the Virginia State Corporation Commission to approve a multi-year pilot program to expand the company’s understanding of community-based solar energy development. The utility plans to lease 30-50 sites on rooftops and grounds of commercial businesses and public facilities for community-owned photovotaic (PV) systems. The systems will generate enough electricity to power about 6,000 homes.

The utility hasn’t named specific locations for the systems, but at least four of the sites would be in community settings, such as local government buildings, schools, community associations, neighborhood associations or nonprofit organizations. While details of the program remain to be sorted out, the company says it would own and operate the PV systems, and program participants would receive credit for leasing space for the installations. A Web-enabled monitor at the facility would display information about the installation’s output, and the utility would report the study results of each project to the commission annually. For full article.

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