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Building Code Mandated Solar Heating for Pools



By On April 20, 2012

The new Building Code of Australia regulations became effective in May 2011 and will affect the construction of all new pools and in-built spas. For many Australians concerned about energy efficiency, the revised regulations are welcome news, and bring a stronger focus on the advantages of solar heating.

Under these provisions, swimming pools must now use solar heating as their primary source of heat. This can be supplemented by a gas heater or heat pump, or both- but electric resistance heating cannot be used.

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The Solar Specialist Comment:

Solar pool heating is not considered under the US Federal Renewable Tax Credit and I believe it is a missed opportunity, if fossil fuel dependence and reduction is the goal. Yes, a pool is a luxury but the fact remains that it uses a lot of propane or gas to heat a pool and this in turn burns a lot of carbon. With solar pool heating, as long as the system is sized correctly makes fossil fuel heating unnecessary, even here in Michigan, for seasonal pool swimming.

Australia, by building solar pool heating into code for heated pools demonstrates a clear under standing of the impact this will make on both breaking their dependence on unneeded fossil fuels and reducing polluting emissions. Thanks for sharing iamjeffrey! – Val


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