Solar Energy in the Midwest

Impressive. 40% renewable energy. I’d like to look into Iowa’s process and reasons for this direction as well as their electoral preferences, and utilities, to understand why we here in Michigan have such a resistance to clean renewable energy.


MidAmerican Energy, Iowa’s largest utility company, has announced its plan for 40% renewable energy by 2015. Compared to Michigan’s goal for 10% renewables by 2015, Iowa has set a high standard, and forces Michigan policy makers to start thinking ahead. Iowa already receives about 25 percent of its electricity from renewable energy sources, mainly wind and solar power, much higher than Michigan’s goal.

“By doing this, we’re not only setting up our customers for the long term to have a strong supply of renewable energy, but we’re able to do it in a very competitive manner,” says President of MidAmerican Energy, William Fehrman.

Michigan Energy Michigan Jobs is encouraging policy makers to start taking action in the end phases of the current plan for 10 percent by 2015. Although an estimated $1.9 billion investment is needed to fund Iowa’s new energy plan, it’s expected to implement 656 wind turbines and create…

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